The Trophy

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The trophy is a unique piece, completely handmade by the famous artist from Jalisco, Jesus Guerrero Santos, who designed the trophy for the CITIBANAMEX LORENA OCHOA MATCH PLAY PRESENTED BY AEROMEXICO AND DELTA.

The design of the piece was inspired by Mexican art from the XVI century and is made in blue colored ceramic glaze, which was representative of the royalty those days.

The trophy has decorative elements in German silver, totally handmade, that provide a rare combination compared to other works of its kind.

The front of the trophy exhibits a plaque that reads “Lorena Ochoa Match Play”, crowned with 3 ceramic stones. Both the plaques and the messages are of handmade German silver.

“We agreed with Lorena that it had to be an honorable and local piece, that should be made with the ability and talent of a local artist. Jesús gathered all these qualities”, said Alejandro Ochoa Reyes, President of the Tournament.

The trophy gathers the experience and knowledge of the artist born in San Martín Hidalgo, who over the past fifteen years has been devoted to conceptualization and production of ceramic glaze.

The process for the elaboration of the trophy required an entire month and the effort of a whole team of artists. This is a handmade piece, from the wedging process to the painting process and the plaque handling. “ It’s a unique piece. Part of my job is to integrate the work to its final use, which on this case is a trophy, without never losing the creative integrity”, commented Guerrero Santos.


Born in San Martín Hidalgo, Jalisco, Jesús Guerrero Santos studied architecture for three years, was in a seminary program for five years and graduated from Media Studies, continuing with a Master Degree in Human Development.

After getting involved on several arts as part of his professional career, going from film to gastronomy, he started in ceramic production in 1988. Since then, his life passion has been ceramic glaze, making his contribution to this art by applying metal, whether it is German silver, wrought iron or copper.

His pieces are characteristic for achieving a true concert of design and trade; they are unique and express themes such as baroque cherubs, Guadeloupian Virgins, eagles, family scenes, Latin texts etc.

Among his most outstanding pieces, we can find a Christmas tree created for the Vatican, decorated with 415 pieces of hand- painted ceramic and German silver, as well as works for international summits held in Guadalajara and Monterrey. Guerrero Santos has held positions in different organizations with the object to give Mexican art a good name. From 1991 to 1995 he was director of the Instituto de Artesanía Jalisciense and was named Honorary Consul of Brazil four years ago.

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